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history 1995 I started making stopmotion animations with 8mm film.
1999 I kept making stopmotion animations with a computer.
2004 I became a freelance animator.
I'm writing a books. making a stopmotion animationfor TV programs or commercial films.


working history
date work details
10/2010 CM&TV yakult(sub animator)
09/2010 CM&TV TOYOTA (animator)
09/2010 CM&TV Mitsubishi Electric (animator)
09/2010 CM&TV WebpfFrancfranc (animator)
05/2010 books gekkan jinji management(may) an interview
05/2010 CM&TV TV news program[Oha!4 NEWS LIVE]show how to make a stopmotion animation.
03/2010 CM&TV blSPAM (animator)
03/2010 books I wrote an article about how to make stopmotion animation in EIZO +8(magazine about movies
02/2010 CM&TV blyakult(sub animator)
02/2010 CM&TV blsylvanian-families(sub animator)
01/2010 CM&TV blTAKARAJIMASHA,Inc.[InRed(March)][spring(April)][sweet(May)] (animator)
01/2010 CM&TV blTAKARAJIMASHA,Inc.[InRed(February)][spring(March)][sweet(February)] (animator)
01/2010 CM&TV blYAMATO TRANSPORT CO.,LTD.(animator)
01/2010 books books[Let's make a clayanimation and puppet animation with Adobe Premiere Pro&After Effects]
12/2009 CM&TV blTAKARAJIMASHA,Inc.[InRed(January)][spring(February)][sweet(January)] (animator)
11/2009 CM&TV blMitsubishi Electric(animator)
11/2009 CM&TV blTAKARAJIMASHA,Inc.[InRed(December)][spring(January)][sweet(December)] (animator)
10/2009 CM&TV blTAKARAJIMASHA,Inc.[InRed(November)][spring(December)][sweet(November)] (animator)
08/2009 Independent [KAMISUMOU] was filmed in 27th DAIDOUGA JYOUEIKAI[YOKOHAMA DOGA CLUB]
05/2009 youtube YOUTUBETOSHIBA channelmake short movie
03/2009 CM&TV CMsylvanian-families(sub animator)
02/2009 CM&TV [KAMISUMOU] was filmed in TV program[HAMARU DOUGA TENGOKU]
01/2009 Independent [ORIGAMI BUTTERFLY] was filmed in TV program[Super Surprise]
01/2009 Independent [ORIGAMI BUTTERFLY] was filmed in TV program[HAMARU DOUGA TENGOKU]
12/2008 Independent [ORIGAMI ANIMATION] was used inPanasonic television human VIERA
10/2007 CM&TV blMEIKO SHOUKAI MS-shredder (animator)
07/2007 CM&TV blSHIMACHU (animator)
06/2007 CM&TV blsylvanian-families(sub animator)
07/2007 books I wrote an article about how to make stopmotion animation in EIZO + 1(magazine about movies
04/2007 teacher animation class in OGIKUBO high school (For half a year)
03/2007 EVENT TOKYO International anime fair A demonstration of stopmotion animation
03/2007 EVENT clayanimation school for kids (SUGINAMI animation museum)
02/2007 CM&TV CSstopmotion animation RIKA-CHAN (animator)
01/2007 CM&TV TV program44th KAKUSHUGEI-TAIKAI 2007(animator)
09/2006 DVD BUMP OF CHICKEN "GUILD" (animator)
03/2006 EVENT crayanimation school for kids in SUGINAMI animation museum
02/2006 CM&TV TV program[Kaiketsu Zorori]ending (animator)
10/2005 CM&TV TV quiz programsarudiequiz VTR
08/2005 CM&TV bandTONOSAMA BATTA-[BIG ONE MESSAGE] misic video
07/2005 CM&TV blsylvanian-families(sub animator)
04/2005 Independent [PLUG] filmed inuNIPPONN CONNECTIONv
02/2005 Independent [PLUG] filmed in Clermont-Ferrand short film festibal
01/2005 Independent [PLUG] filmed in Future Film Festival
01/2005 CM&TV TV program(CS) monchhichi (animator)
11/2004 Independent [PLUG] awarded a prize 5th astrodesign movie festival
10/2004 Independent [PLUG] awarded a prize 2004 netmovie festival
09/2004 books books[as of the animation] [Petit Grand Publishing, Inc.] PUPPET BOX was introduced.
08/2004 Independent [PLUG] filmed in FOMA for movile [FOMA offical site]
07/2004 Independent [PLUG] filmed in 22th DAIDOUGA-FESTIVAL [YOKOHAMA DOGA CLUB]
10/2003 Independent [rougamori] 1 minute AnimationFestival Vol.3 [animation 80]
08/2003 EVENT participated in wonderfestival 2003 summerreport [kaiyoudo]
07/2003 EVENT workshop about stopmotion animationdetail@@report@[PUPPET BOX]
05/2003 books [REB BRIDGE and season of hunting]were introdced in magazine[tech win][ENTER-BRAIN]
08/2002 Independent [BLACK SUNSHINE] file in 2002ANIMAcentury [YOYOGI animation school]
09/2001 CM&TV MEZAMASHI-TV[FUJI television]make dolls for opening
05/2001 books PC-magazine[SHU=KAN ULTRA1 No.45][TAKARAJIMASHA,Inc.]PUPPET BOX was Introduced
04/2001 CM&TV MEZAMASHI-TV[FUJI television]making of KOI NO FINAL ANSWER
02/2001 newspaper NIKKEI RYUTSU No.3569(vivid)[NIKKEI KEIZAI SHINBUNSHA]
01/2001 CM&TV [RED BRIDGE & clayanimation] film in OMOIKKIRI-TV
01/2001 Independent [RED BRIDGE] film in Independent theater Vol.11[YOKOHAMA DOGA CLUB]
08/2000 Independent [RED BRIDGE] film in third Indies SF EIZO-TAISHOU [Indies SF EIZO-TAISHOU KIKAKU IINKAI]
05/2000 Independent [RED BRIDGE] introduced in SF magazine[UCHUSEN Vol.92]v[ASAHI-SONORAMA]
08/1999 Independent [a season of hunting] A winning prize in '99anima century[YOYOGI animation school]